Some nationalities are exempt from visas for the purpose of traveling to Canada. For example, if you are a British citizen and intend to visit family members or tourist attractions in Canada you do not need a visa. The Government of Canada has made some significant changes to the visa-exemption program. Most visa exempt people need to apply for an eTA or rather an electronic Travel Authorization if they travel by air to Canada or transit via Canada to another country. US citizens and some other groups do not need an eTA to go to Canada. However, US permanent residents such as Green Card holders need an eTA for air travels to Canada.

If you intend to work or study in Canada, then an eTA is not sufficient. You may also need to apply for a work permit or a study permit.

The process of applying for an eTA is relatively easy. You need to fill out an online form on IRCC website and pay the processing fee. The current processing fee is $7.00 Canadian per applicant. You need to apply separately for every member of the family who intends to accompany you to Canada unless they are exempt from an eTA.  If you get lucky, you will receive your eTA in a few minutes. Some people may receive an email from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) requesting for documents. These applications may take several days or even weeks to complete, so plan ahead. Also keep in mind that IRCC keeps the right to refuse some eTA applications.

At Parsai Immigration Services we have developed an online service for eTA. You fill out a form on our website instead of the IRCC website. We will review the form and submit it to IRCC under the supervision of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. This service only costs $17 (US Funds) per person. It also includes the government fee. There are some benefits to using our service.

  • You initially share your information with a private company rather than the government of another country.
  • We will review your form and if everything looks alright submit the information on your behalf. In other words, a professional team under the supervision of a regulated professional submits the application to the Government.
  • You will have representation to the Canadian Government. If a question arises by the immigration officer, a professional will analyze it and advises you on the next steps.
  • If your application is singled out for scrutiny, we will offer you a significant discount on the next stage.

Please note that the $17 price applies to straightforward applications. If the request has complications, you may need to pay extra. We will do our best to communicate these matters with you as soon as possible.

linkThe eTA Online Application Form


Al Parsai, MA, DTM, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant


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