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Parsai Immigration Services is a leading immigration consultancy firm located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. As a Canadian immigration consultancy firm, we strive to serve our corporate and individual clients in their applications to get temporary work permits, enter Canada as business visitors, deliver speeches in Canada, perform in Canada as artists or athletes, immigrate to Canada, sponsor loved ones, get study permits, get eTAs, and fight their cases at the Immigration Refugee Board hearings. We primarily operate in Ontario, Canada with several clients in other provinces of Canada and other countries. Our previous clients have been from Canada, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Hungary, Egypt, Pakistan, Qatar, Poland, Chile, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Japan, Norway, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States, Turkey, Philippines, Malaysia, Spain, and Ukraine.  We always look for new markets and services via hiring professional employees and regulated consultants.

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